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5 Delicious Recipes for National Cholesterol Month

The Healthy EmployeeCholesterol 5 Delicious Recipes for National Cholesterol Month
Chocolate oat porridge with nuts.Top view.

5 Delicious Recipes for National Cholesterol Month

October in National Cholesterol Month – are you aware of your cholesterol level?

Every 7 minutes, someone in the UK will have a heart attack. Every 12 minutes, someone in the UK will have a stroke. Having high cholesterol significantly increases your risk of succumbing to these diseases.

60% of adults in the UK have raised cholesterol – in order to have yours tested, visit your GP. This is especially important to do if you have raised cholesterol running through your family.


High cholesterol causes:

  • Eat high levels of saturated fat
  • Smoking
  • Being inactive
  • Having too much body fat


Cholesterol reducing solutions:

  • Become more active
  • Quit smoking
  • Maintain a healthy body weight
  • Reduce saturated fat intake. E.g. Butter, lard, biscuits, cakes, cheese, coconut oil, palm oil
  • Extra help may be needed to reduce high cholesterol levels, work with your GP to monitor this
  • Enjoy cholesterol lowering foods. E.g. Liver, chicken, spinach, avocado, ginger, soy protein, dark chocolate, nuts, linseed, oats, salmon, garlic


5 delicious and cholesterol friendly recipes:

  1. Chocolate, coconut and nut oats
  2. Curried spinach and lentil soup
  3. Tangy chicken lettuce cups
  4. Rye bread with avocado, soft boiled eggs and pine nuts
  5. Smoked salmon with avocado skins


The Healthy Employee
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