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International Men’s Health Week 10-16 June

The Healthy EmployeeAlcohol International Men’s Health Week 10-16 June

International Men’s Health Week 10-16 June

With Men’s Health Week running from 10-16 June, it’s a great opportunity to ask yourself, do you look after your health? Could you take better care of yourself? If the answer is yes, how would you begin to do so?

According to a survey, 9 out of 10 men claim they could take better care of themselves; and do not take themselves to the doctor when they experience health issues.

  • 42% of men are overweight, increasing the risk of heart disease, cancer, diabetes and stroke
  • 25% of men consume the government’s 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day


How can you boost your health to avoid being another statistic?

  1. Eat 7 or more portions of fruit and vegetables each day
  2. Join the gym or use the membership that you already pay for and perhaps fail to use! If the gym isn’t your thing, then find something you do enjoy. This is the key to sustainability.
  3. Limit your caffeine intake. Do you find yourself constantly topping up your caffeine levels to simply keep going? Aim for no more than 4 cups of tea or coffee a day. Swap caffeine for water, herbal tea or decaffeinated tea and coffee. A lowered level of caffeine will help to boost your sleep quality, which will boost your overall health.
  4. Start the day on the right foot by having breakfast. A influx of fuel will help to give you a kick start that you need.
  5. Eat each of your meals and snacks mindfully. Sit down, chew thoroughly and take your time.
  6. If you need snacks in between meals, opt for healthy choices such as unsalted nuts, fresh fruit, oatcakes with peanut butter or Greek yoghurt. These choices will help to sustain you and maintain steady energy levels throughout the day.
  7. Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated (1.5-2 litres). But be aware that you will need more if you have a physical job or you participate in exercise.
  8. Fill half of your plate with veggies or salad, one quarter with protein (fish, lean mean, eggs, beans or pulses) and one quarter with starchy carbs (brown rice, whole wheat pasta, quinoa).
  9. Stay within the recommended alcohol limits (no more than 14 units per week with 2 consecutive alcohol free days.
  10. Keep a food diary to keep track of your food and drink intake. We often underestimate what we consume as we can eat mindlessly. This may help to highlight any areas for improvement and could help to correlate weight gain or low mood with your food choices.
The Healthy Employee
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