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"Now I no longer eat junk food, I feel a lot more confident, I no longer insult myself, I feel happier and no longer feel as though I have let myself go, I have much more control over food, my fitness has improved, I have loads more energy and I no longer feel bloated. " Nikki Oakley

20 Top Tips for Successful Weight Loss

20 Top Tips, advice and insider knowledge to help you succeed with your weight loss

  1. Write your food plan: It helps in the early days to know exactly what you will be eating over the coming few days. Write yourself a menu, including your main meals, snacks and drinks to make it really easy for yourself.
  2. Get organised: Set yourself up to succeed by having the right food and drink in the house. This means writing out a shopping list and buying all the foods and drinks you need for the week. Refer to your food plan to help you do this.
  3. Plan ahead: Take your lunch, snacks and water to work with you.
  4. Get motivated: Take a weekly photograph of yourself - face on, in profile and from the rear. Place your photographs plus your weight and your measurements where you regularly see them and celebrate your successes to date.
  5. Hydrate: Drink plenty of water, keep yourself hydrated.1.5 to 2 litres per day.
  6. If you enjoy cooking, become more adventurous by using plenty of herbs and spices, keep it interesting.
  7. Purchase salad dressings that do not have any added sugars or sweeteners or make your own.
  8. Increase your intake of dark leafy vegetables to increase your fibre.
  9. Eating regularly: Generally this is three good meals plus two healthy snacks each day. By eating regularly you will be enhancing your metabolism and burning more body fat. For more specific guidelines please refer to your programme.
  10. Avoid gravy on your food, enjoy the meat/fish juices instead, a much healthier option that will help you to lose weight.
  11. Enjoy just a couple of units of alcohol each week – view alcohol as unhelpful to weight loss.
  12. Semi skimmed milk in your tea and coffee is just fine, in fact there is more sugar in skimmed!
  13. Take a look at our recipe blog for more weight friendly inspiration. All the recipes are coded to make it easy to use them and you can access them at any time on the website. They can be found here.
  14. Purchase the ʻlightʼ version of hard cheeses. There is no point adding extra, unwanted and unhealthy fat to your diet.
  15. Leave out all processed foods. Cakes, biscuits, sweets, chocolate, ice cream, crisps, fizzy drinks...
  16. Eat only ʻrealʼ food. This is natural food, food that occurs naturally within nature. Consider; does it have two legs, four legs, can it swim, can it fly, does it grow? If the answer to any of these questions is 'yes' then it is real food.
  17. Weigh yourself just once a week. Ensure it is the same day, same time, wearing the same clothes and on the same set of scales for the most accurate results.
  18. Empty the house, or hide any foods that are likely to sabotage you in the early days. Remove temptation; out of sight is out of mind.
  19. Remember; diets do not work. It is the change of habits and lifestyle that is necessary to successfully lose your weight and then keep it off forever.
  20. Set your weight loss goal. Ensure it is realistic and set a time limit to help you remain focused.
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