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"A light-bulb moment was the discovery and understanding that you don’t have to not eat to lose weight. " Judith Magee

Dave Harrison of SMQ

“My name is Dave, aged 47 and three quarters. Until arriving at this age, I had not been on any diets of any kind and generally ate and drank what I wanted – which was fine when I had a physically active job … and even for some years after that when I had a job involving my mouth muscles (for talking) and one finger (for operating/typing on the computer).


Obviously being a bloke these two activities were carried out separately and not at the same time.

After listening to one of Anna’s presentations I made my mind up to actually take an interest in getting healthy and shedding some surplus fat that had sneaked up on me! I think I am fairly typical as a bloke who thought I knew ‘a little’ about food when in fact I knew ‘very little‘ (i.e. nothing). I would at times select something to eat that I thought was ‘healthy’ i.e. low fat or low calorie only to find out from Anna that I was doing it all completely wrong talking to my male friends I know I am not alone).

So after some gentle bullying from Anna (which I had requested) I enrolled on her course. If you’re thinking ‘I’ll do this one day’, forget it … you probably won’t, so my advice is start it now, from today. Why not? Not tomorrow, after the weekend, or in the New Year (like me, get Anna to “bully” you if think you’re too busy).

I looked on this as a new adventure. I’d eat different food, sometimes that I hadn’t eaten before or for some time (which was good) and I drank less alcohol … and the weight steadily came down. I didn’t actually feel particularly unhealthy when I started but do now feel better carrying less weight (currently about 24lbs less).

The point I liked about Anna’s way of doing this is that you don’t have to go anywhere, or be weighed by someone – it’s all done on email or phone to suit you. I also liked the fact that to start with Anna looks at what you are currently eating before advising what to change. This, to me, made a lot of sense … how can someone advise you on your diet if they don’t know what you’re currently eating first?

I also found it funny (but not surprising) how if a woman loses weight her friends say something like ‘You look great! How much have you lost? ½ pound? That’s really good, keep it up’. Whereas a bloke’s mates say things like ‘I can tell you’ve lost weight because you now only have the 2 chins left’ or ‘You! On a diet? Why? Are you having an affair?’ (So thanks Matt and John, to name but two, for the encouragement).

So, to end, I can whole heartedly say ‘Thanks Anna’ – you have now educated me not just for the 8 weeks of the programme but for the rest of my life … which in theory, by looking after my body and health, will be longer and happier. How good is that?! “

Dave Harrison


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