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"Learning how to tweek my eating to cut out sugar and not feel so tired and eat properly without feeling guilty - these were big things for me. I found the programme easy to follow, I just had to make some adjustments. There was plenty of information available and if I was uncertain I just sent an email which was answered very quickly and to my satisfaction.  I had the 8 week 1-2-1 programme and found the regular telephone conversation really useful as they made me accountable - in a good way. I found the programme was flexible and this suited me as I lead a busy business lifestyle. " Elisabeth

Education Day Feedback - "I can see The Healthy Employee being a big part of our journey.."


Recently we provided an Education Day to provide the Lead Orientation Leaders (Workplace Health Champions) @OneAlliance with straightforward and practical healthy eating information and tool kits to help improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.


This is what the lead LIFE Co-ordinator had to say about the Education Day -


“I felt that the Education day that you did for us was brilliant. I personally took an awful lot of knowledge from it and I have had many conversations with some of my colleagues that attended it also, and they feel exactly the same.

I think the level of your knowledge is astonishing really, and your delivery of it was engaging and enjoyable.

I can see The Healthy Employee being a big part of our journey here in @one.

Thanks again for a brilliant session.”

Michael Doyle, LIFE Co-Ordinator 

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