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"The weight came off easily. Not once have I sat and felt hungry or craved anything. I have felt satisfied. I have tried other diets such as very low calorie diets and felt like climbing the walls. This is different, I have not craved anything. " Piers Covill

John Comer - With healthy eating and exercise, it’s consistency that counts.

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I took the decision to go ahead with the 1-2-1 programme because it was an opportunity that presented itself through work. There were a limited number of spaces and I was ready to make some changes so it came along at the right time for me.

I had already made some changes to my diet last year which resulted in me losing weight. I went  from 120kgs down to 106kgs and then disappointingly I put some back on and went up to 111kgs.  When I looked in the mirror I didn’t like what I saw, it was not a nice feeling. I wanted to sort this out. 

I found it very, very hard to break old habits in the beginning...

The outcome of the programme is the ability to openly discuss and constantly review what you’re eating and understand more about food with the advice and help that comes from your coach. I have chosen to be a vegetarian for many years and found the coaching really helpful providing me with greater knowledge and information to keep me healthy.   

I found it very, very hard to break old habits in the beginning; fridge raiding is an issue. I sometimes watch diet programmes on the telly and have been shocked at what people eat. But then I have sometimes felt a bit bad about the foods I have eaten myself. 

In a buy one get one free, two for one society it is really easy to get caught out. On the surface we know the cost of everything in the supermarket but the value of nothing. When you walk through the aisles you have to pass by the offers before you reach the quality foods. The nutritionally valuable foods are often going up the scale in quality and price. An example of this is drinking cheap beer regularly or more expensive bottled beer once or twice a week but enjoying the taste. It makes sense to buy the better stuff containing more good things and less bad things such as preservatives, chemicals, flavourings and additives. 

My wife and I both do the shopping often separately and frequently bring home the same products, doubling up on foods. We always eat the freshest first with the oldest going to waste. I have realised that it is important to consider quality and nutritional value first rather than cost. Just because a food is cheap does not mean it is good for you. 

I have benefitted from the programme by losing weight and generally feeling good about myself. There is still work to do on my fitness level and toning but I’m getting there. People come up to me and tell me I’m looking well. I feel bashful but pleased they have noticed. Colleagues and friends ask how I have done it and I have a reasoned discussion about it; integrating eating good food, better quality food, and regular exercise into my life and making it a habit.

With healthy eating and exercise, it’s consistency that counts. 

I would recommend the programme to other people. Having friends and colleagues on the programme, people you can talk to, and exert a little bit of peer pressure is like double mentoring. 

Interestingly you make a friend of your coach on the phone because of the level of openness and trust. The mentoring is very useful in helping you to make long-term habits changes.

I am pleased I’ve done the programme, it was good. I wasn’t the best student and I was worried about the level of commitment at the start but it all worked out all right.


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