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"In myself I feel tonnes better. I am more able to focus and concentrate. I have more capacity and feel I can put work life balance in better order too. " Linda Patterson

Wellbeing Day Enables New Behaviours

As we published not long ago, we recently provided numerous Wellbeing Days for Skanska Facilities Services. The feedback we had from the management throughout the locations we attended was brilliant - click here for more detail. But today we are excited to share with you the feedback we received from both office workers and engineers who attending our Wellbeing Days, what they learnt from them and the changes they will make going forward. 



Office Workers

“Was really good and helpful, was given some good advice and also some other foods that can be tried.” - Sundar Khalsa


“This was an eye opener, especially the amount of sugar I normally take which I have now cut own and now that I have stopped smoking and was piling on the pounds I am eating a lot healthier now. Thanks again.” – Andy Walker


“Anna was very easy to talk to and understanding of my fussy eating habits. She was able to offer me help and advice on food that I could try and ways to eat healthier. She thoroughly explained my weight, body fat % and muscle mass % and ways to improve this and lower my body fat %. It was good to be able to see how much sugar was in certain juice/flavoured water and also the amount of oil in a packet of crisps which really shocked me.” – Claire O’Grady


“A lot of good information on diet and healthy eating. Very helpful. Now it’s up to me!” – Eddie Myles




“Very interesting.” – Derek Peebles


“Pleasant and very complimentary. Confirmed various assumptions I had about foods. All in all a good experience.” - Iain Scott


“I enjoyed it as it made me aware of lots of different things.” - Brian McLachlan


“The course was well presented and informative – the facts you need to know were easily found.” – Lee Blockley


To find out more about our Wellbeing Days and what they could offer to your business click here

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