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"The thing I’ve found fantastic is the food, there are so many options.  It’s so tasty, that’s the big plus for me. " Simon Cartter

Wellbeing4Performance Project

We were delighted to be asked to spend a half day training the trainers, with the healthy eating part of the jigsaw, to be 'Workplace Wellbeing Champions'.  The Wellbeing4Performance Project is training people who are out of work with long term health issues to work with businesses to improve the health and wellbeing of their employees.  This piece has been written by the Wellbeing4Performance Project and this is what they have to say about their experience of our training.

Wellbeing4Performance Project

Weavers of Wellbeing  Solutions is a locally based social enterprise who have  created an exciting and innovative project in Solihull that bridges health, work and wellbeing.  Working closely with their partners - the Solihull Council Public Health team,  the Wellbeing4Performance project has recruited out of work volunteers who have lived experience of a long term condition.  A long term condition is often the reason behind a loss of employment and the volunteers recognise the value to themselves and their families of seeking a new direction for their lives and now want to try something new.

Wellbeing4Performance has a dual brief to train volunteers to become ‘Workplace Wellbeing Champions’ and improve business performance for small and medium size enterprises across Solihull through the development of healthy employees and a healthy working environment. Going out into the workplace,  the Champions will combine their formal learning with their lived experience to effectively engage staff and business owners in the process of developing a Wellbeing4Performance mindset. Improving the health and wellbeing of employees has consistently been shown to result in improvements in individual performance, attention, concentration and resilience ultimately translating into bottom line growth for the business.  A key element of this is to make sure that most of our food and drink intake at work provides real nourishment (and not empty calories from crisps, fizzy drinks and processed foods high fat, sugar and salt) to maintain people powered businesses.

Our healthy eating brief

The Healthy Employee, who are specialists in healthy eating for business,  spent a half day training the trainers in the art of promoting healthier eating.  We discussed what a healthy diet looks like and the benefits of a healthy diet and shared useful information about how to eat for energy and how to avoid the afternoon slump. 

Quote….. "Eating well is good for all of us but can, on the face of it, feel difficult to do.   Our champions have, through this element of the programme, started on their own personal journey towards healthier food and drink thanks to Anna and The Healthy Employee. They have all found that healthier breakfasts, one pot meals and soups can be amazingly easy to prepare and cook and fantastically energising, nutritious and cheap and that we can all enjoy healthier snacks. “

Quote….. "Anna Mason and The Healthy Employee has shown us there are ways we can use nutrition and eating real food to feel more energetic throughout the day. If we don't give ourselves the right fuel for our bodies, we can underperform, feel tired and exacerbate existing health conditions. Armed with this knowledge the Workplace Wellbeing Champions have applied their own learning and experience and are getting ready to help others.”

Quote..JH. "This has been life changing for some of our champions.  There are a lot of myths about food and drink and Anna and the Healthy Employee helped them to discuss different perspectives on food  and rethink their approach. The Healthy Employee offer  lots of useful tips on hidden sugars, swaps, portion sizes and tools to use to support our champions which can be passed on when they become fully fledged ‘Workplace Wellbeing Champions."

Quote…DAW.. "As a business coach I’ve worked with more than 100 social and private enterprise over the past three years and found that each and every one has a desire to acquire new customers and increase sales. However, less than 5% of these recognise what every business can learn from Anna Mason at The Healthy Employee, namely the cost savings and increased sales that can be achieved when we have a healthy and well performing team.”

Quote….. "Through the superb training module delivered by Anna Mason at The Healthy Employee,  participants in our Wellbeing4Performance programme are ready to share practical advice and life experience that small and medium size enterprises can deploy to make a positive impact on their bottom line.”

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